Protect Your Family

We all want to protect our families, and ensure that they are taken care when we are no longer here. 

Learn how to prepare and properly protect your family.

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Provide For Your Family

Life Insurance

Does owning life insurance show lack of trust in Hashem? 

Rav Moshe said not owning life insurance is like relying on miracles.

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Care For Your Elderly Parents 

When does the child become the parent?


However much care our parents require, we must always treat them with the respect we owe them.

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Protect your family emotionally
Save your family from unnecessary stress when they are grieving.

Make sure everything is in place.

Make It Easier For Them

Making Arrangements

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True or False: 
1. Only the old and the rich need wills. False. 

2. If your will is legal, you're good. False.

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Ensure Your Legacy

Ethical Wills

Bequeath your most precious values and most sincere requests to your future generations.

Doing so is a classically Jewish way to perpetuate your legacy.

Protect Your Family

Wills & Halacha