Vayechi - It's All About Life! Here + Hereafter


Shabbos Vayechi 2021

Air Date: December 18, 2021

Last Kindness - Responding to the Cremation Tragedy

The need to reach out and help every Jew choose kevurah.

Sanctity of Life & the Importance of a Halachic Living Will

Interview with Dr. Howard Lebowitz.  Rabbonim explain the importance of having a halachic living will.

Life Insurance - Protecting Our Families

Interview with Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman. Rabbonim expound on the importance of life insurance.

From the Front Lines of Kevuras Yisrael

Interview with Rabbi Elchonon Zohn. Strengthening Kevuras Yisrael.  

Wills in Accordance with Halacha

Rabbonim explain the need for wills. Drama exploring the 
fallout when a will is not written.

Kevuras Yisrael & the Experience of the Neshama

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger delves into the significance of kever yisrael and the experience of the neshama upon death.

Caring for Aging Parents

Rabbi Mordechai Willig explores the challenge and opportunity of caring for aging parents.

Elokai Neshama

R’ Baruch Levine. A touching song from Birchas Hashachar about the purity of our soul.

Neshomele Medley

Performed by R’ Baruch Levine. Lyrics by Abie Rotenberg

Ride the Train

Performed by R’ Baruch Levine. Lyrics by Abie Rotenberg